cruel summer

It’s not summer yet, but it’s warm enough.  Enough to have migraine symptoms every day.  My migraines have changed a bit, yet again.  Now, they come with lots and lots of nausea.  In fact, nausea and neck pain are becoming my most overt heralding sign.  Problem is, nausea and neck pain can have a lot of causes – they are a bit non-specific.  That plus my over-training to the visual symptoms means I have missed taking the migraine meds early enough several times now.

Also, you’re not supposed to overuse the (rescue) migraine medications.  I’m not 100% sure why not, I think either they stop working or you get rebound headaches.  My migraine meds are not super “fun” ones, just Ibuprofen and fioricet.  Oh and craploads of caffeine.  Someone asked me at work as I chugged a non-typical post lunch coffee “doesn’t coffee GIVE you migraines?”  Yes, that’s the peculiar thing.  I think it does.  But depending on where you are in the progression of the migraine, it can also help.  Quite odd.

I don’t know what the verdict on overusing things like zofran is.  I still have one precious bottle with about 10 pills in it.  Maybe less.  I don’t dare count them.  If this keeps up, I am going to need to talk to someone about what to take/do.  Because let me tell you, daily nausea really has a way of sucking all the good or even ok out of life.

The other thing I need to talk to someone about is whether to reduce my work hours this summer.  If it’s going to be a seasonal thing where I just get 3+ migraines a week in warm weather, I think it bears considering.  Fortunately, my job is SLOW in the summer.  Unfortunately, it’s not like there are a lot of places to go lay down and suffer in quiet if I get sick there.  And dragging myself in 5 days a week with migraine takes a toll.  Not sure if work will go for it, and not sure which doctor to talk to about it, it being all or any of the above.  My gut says primary, Dr. Wellintentioned, but then it is migraine so perhaps I should approach the neurologist (“goofy” as he was called by Dr. Wellintentioned, thus, Dr. Goofy).

Today’s agenda includes taking the kitty to the vet, preparing for 200 final exams to strike next week, and seeing my therapist.  All of which means extra running around and I’m so not up for it.  This is going to be tough.

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  1. I don’t get migraines, but I’ve seen my sister suffer with them. You have all my sympathy. I have nausea a lot and could not live without my nausea meds. Maybe Dr. Wellintentioned can help you with that. It might be better for you to not feel like you are going to up-chuck every minute of the day.


    • Mo – Yes, I think it would be better not to feel that way. I stagger through the days like a zombie when it hits. Do you mind if I ask what you take for the nausea and whether it works well?

  2. R. G. Maines

     /  May 23, 2011

    I worked with my migraines and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone!

    I had a private office, in the agency where I worked, doing social work for the disability community. On days when I had a migraine, I kept the lights off, had a tiny task light I would put on, had a small fan that I kept trained on my face and put a blind up over the window onto the hallway, so I could keep extraneous light and distractions to a minimum.

    Unfortunately, my light being off became a signal to every other employee in the office who then made my ‘migraine’ the topic of discussion in the hallways, including the one outside my door… “How can she sit in there in the dark?” “Why doesn’t she just stay home when she doesn’t feel good?” “Now we all have to walk on eggshells around her as if there isn’t enough to worry about around here!”

    Yes, the disability agency had very little empathy for someone living with ‘hidden disabilities’.

    Good Luck with how to handle work. Will be interested in knowing how you’re able to work it all out, for possible future reference. 😉

    • My god people can be such idiots sometimes!

      My boss recently sent an email to our entire department asking if someone could come move some furniture (which had been moved in a way that blocked access to my desk and around which I had been navigating until slamming my hip into it Friday afternoon). I had asked for a work order but I guess boss knows best, right? So now everyone gets the email that says “I hurt myself on the furniture and can’t move it on my own…” Fodder for exactly the sort of thing you mentioned. I’m so annoyed with her.


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