monkeying around

Had an ultrasound yesterday.  This was the recommendation of my surgeon after I was in two weeks ago with persistent right lower quadrant (and when I say lower, I mean LOWer) pain post-op (hysterectomy).  Let’s take a moment for some history here.

This pain did not start two weeks ago.  It started immediately postoperatively.  It was the worst area of pain in the hours, days, and weeks after surgery.  It brought me back to their office three days out, and I mentioned it at every visit since.  Finally, after having an episode at work that brought me down on my knees gasping in pain, I made an appointment to specifically address this continuing pain.  The pain comes and goes in severity but it’s always there.  I just usually tune it out if it’s low level.  I can’t tune it out when I (a) go over a speed bump or hit a pot hole (b) randomly just get bad pain (c) have sex.

And another thing.  When I lay in bed at night on my left side, I feel like I need to pee.  It’s sort of a pulsating wave of pressure just under my bladder.  Laying on my right side (yes, that’s the bad side) relieves it.

So I tell them all this.  Doctor says it could be adhesions.  No, he doesn’t use that word because he doesn’t think I know that word.  He says “build up of scar tissue”.  I remind him that the pain has been there since surgery.  Scar tissue be damned, man.  As I understood it, adhesions take a bit of time…oh say more than one week to build up and start causing problems.

So I get an ultrasound scheduled two weeks later because that is all that fits in with my schedule (how about the middle of the day and 20 congested miles from your workplace?  No?  That doesn’t work for you?  Ok, 4:15 nearby in two weeks).  I go at 4, I wait until 5:00 to get in.  I feel like shit and the whole radiology area is overheated so I feel like extra shit by the time they take me in.  And then we do an external ultrasound.  Then internal, with probe driven by the radiology equivalent of a race car driver.  Jam!  Blam!  Pow!  “I’m being a little aggressive,” the radiologist explains to me as he wrenches the probe around in me “because I really want to see that ovary.”  And it turns out that the pain is very much ON my right ovary.  The one they “shaved” a “bleb” off of during surgery.  He says he doesn’t see anything that would explain the pain, but that it really is localized on the ovary.   Yes, I tell him through gritted teeth.  I wonder if my fingers gripping the stainless steel exam table hard enough that I feel I should look for dent marks after he probed “aggressively” to the right might have been a sign.  “I think it’s too early for adhesions” he said.  “I suppose they might have just been monkeying around in there with that ovary,” he concludes.

Here’s my theory.  Given the hot flashes I had after surgery and the pulsating nature of some of the possibly associated symptoms, I think indeed they were “monkeying around” and I think they did some damage to the vascular supply, possibly to the whole effing ligament, of my ovary.  Just  a theory.  My guess is you’d have to do a fancier ultrasound to see that though.

Given that there was nothing identifiable on the ultrasound, I’m just waiting to be called by the surgeon’s office to tell me the great news that there is nothing wrong.

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  1. queenofoptimism

     /  April 15, 2011

    Dammit! This sucks so bad. Yeah, monkeying around is what we all want to happen with our bodies, wtf? This is so wrong. I want to fix it.

    On top of the horrid pain, you have to squeeze this (tests and coping with the distress of it all) in to your life which is already stretched as far as it can go.

    I wish this wasn’t happening, Dyspatient. I hope someone can figure something out – pronto.


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