say Aaaaa…owwww!

Saw my doc today.  And yes, that was an awkward conversation.  But he handled it very well.  Only made one joke, and

photo of mouth with two large overlapping weals with defined edges on hard palate, multiple smaller raised bright red patches on soft palate

yes, this hurts

that was after I made one.  “Well that sucks,” he said.  And added “Literally”.  Then he took pictures of the top of my mouth.  His came out crappy so I promised him I’d send him the lovely ones I took.  My experience with Lyme Disease has left the following lesson indelibly seared into my mind:  Got a rash?  TAKE A PICTURE.

So regarding everything else that plagues me and over which I have no control, labs were normal this time so yay, I probably don’t have a wee tiny tumor hiding out somewhere making me feel like crap.  Still feel like crap though.  He sent me off with a referral for a better GI doctor (thank god), a promise to call the endocrinologists at the B.A.T.H. where I went last summer (who had dismissed me with advice to keep a food journal and see a nutritionist for the hypoglycemia, ignoring everything else).  He wrote in my note:  “I’m sorry that the endocrinologist at ______ did not answer the question that you were sent there for.  I will talk to them personally to see if we can get them to look at the issues.”    And I have some vitamin recommendations, trying oral (vitamins) again since I can’t miss work for IV right now.  We’ll recheck the levels later.  Got to see my hands and ears do their flushing thing.  He checked the temp…”wow, your left ear’s two degrees hotter than your right”.  Yes, it felt that way.  But my temp is a lovely 98.6.

Before wrapping up, he asked if there was anything he can do for me, and not in a customer service call, insincere way.  He sounded like he meant it.  But I douldn’t think of anything off the top of my head, other than “magically make me feel better”.

Ah, well, I do like my doc.

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