Scanner, here I come

One of the ways I feel better about the – shall we say “extracurricular” crap I take at work is to sometimes put office equipment to less than official use.  My justification is this:  Work crap makes me sick.  I need to then copy more medical records for the appointments I need to go to because their crap makes me sick(er).  Ergo, copying medical records is work related.

Yeah, pretty flimsy I know.  But, it has improved my knowledge of our office machinery.  E.g. I now have a higher level of expertise at scanning to file as email attachment than anyone else in my office.

So since we’ll have some down time soon and since this and last week I was put through the wringer at work, I’m may  to avail myself of the opportunity to get to know the scanner’s duplex input modes a little better.  Mwahahahahahahaha!

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