One of the people at work who has explained how she can wish away her illnesses is sick.  “I’ve had this cough for weeks and I’m just so exhausted,” she tells us.  “I slept all weekend, I feel like I can barely get up and do anything.”

How tempting is it to tell her that she needs to try harder to wish her way healthy?  VERY.

But I take the high road.  I don’t say it.  I am sympathetic and I do not pry.  I tell her that’s terrible, and that I hope she feels better soon.  I wish her luck at the doctor.

Because this is me.  As much as a part of me is practically screaming “HAHAHAHA!” inside, another part is saying in moderate but stern tones “Now Dyspatient, making fun of someone who is sick is wrong and bad and you of all people know this so settle down.”  It sucks to have such a vocal and principled super-ego sometimes.  Because sometimes – like after having a bad week or two at work and knowing there are two more coming up, knowing that the person I am feeling this ambivalence about is part of the problem in many ways – I just want to let my inner bitch loose and not be so god damned principled.

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  1. queenofoptimism

     /  February 24, 2011

    Tempting is right. I’ve never really been one to be passive aggressive but I envision saying things like “Run out of Echinacea? Zinc? Emergen-C? Mind over Matter?”

    I find it completely principled to enjoy some smiles because of the above matter. Hope it helps the day!


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