damned if you do

I just got reprimanded by my boss for going 1.5 hours over my hours last week.  Mind you, about 40% of the time clocked for me last week was time I didn’t actually work but which was credited to me when we closed for bad weather.  And the per day (that I actually worked) extra hours were there because (a) the weather sucked most of the other days of the week, and the walkways are covered with snow and ice, so I left extra early to leave myself time for delays; (b) I had to catch up on all the work that wasn’t being covered while I was out; and (c) I had to catch up for work that was missed during the weather closing days last week.

The big pressing reason for the alarms on my “going over” last week are because we were given a temp since I’m on reduced hours and that temp’s pay is coming out of the budget for my position.  However, the temp is not covering my job in the least and is sitting at her desk bored to death in the afternoon (I know because she told me this).  And the person who is covering a bit of my job while I am not there is literally covering a tiny bit of my job.  I.e., she sits at my desk doing other work more valued by my employer and only does that when there is a need for a body to be at my desk, which is rare – the rest of the time she is off in another office doing that afore mentioned more valuable work only.  Which leaves the rest of my full time job uncovered and leaves me to try to manage it all in my reduced hours.

So.  I’m vacillating on whether to talk to HR about this.  I think it’s ridiculous that we have a temp because I am working part time but the temp is not actually helping to get even half of my job done.  If I didn’t know my boss’s approach to accommodations/modifications in the workplace already, maybe this wouldn’t strike me as such a problem.  Her established attitude is that they are an inconvenience, which she passes on to the employee in the form of failing to fully accommodate in the hopes that the employee will feel hassled and then give up and relinquish claim to them.

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  1. R. G. Maines

     /  February 8, 2011

    Sorry to hear that you’re being hassled like this. It’s so hard to be in poor health and have to push, without support or accommodations. I actually lost my job because I asked for accommodations, they said I was ‘angry’ all the time… well duh!!!


    • I know, it does tend to put you in a bad mood. I try to keep this in mind when I’m dealing with the students (who sometimes come in with their hackles already raised). Just because I’m going to work with them doesn’t mean that in the past they’ve had what they needed.


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