One ear, two ear…

Red ear…

low quality cell phone picture of right ear, caucasian woman - "red ear syndrome"?


Not red ear.

low quality cell phone picture of left ear, caucasian woman - normal colored ear


I can’t figure out what does it although I haven’t exactly made a careful study of it.  It’s not just from the cold. Otherwise, both ears would be red. In fact, if it were from the cold, my left ear, rather than my right, should have been red since I smoked on the way home this evening (about 30 minutes before red ear time) and had the driver’s window cracked…so cold air on my left side.

Eh, for now I’m going with it’s the Irish complexion…we flush easily. Or maybe today my ear is just being festive for valentine’s day. I hadn’t really thought about valentine’s day except that on my return to work – to my office really – I came upon valentine’s day computer decorations perpetrated by one of my student workers, which reminded me. All shift. One of the ways we decorate work areas is by putting thematic backgrounds on the desktops of the computers. We’d done Fall/Back to School, Halloween, Thanksgiving, then it was finals and everyone was gone and I was busy so actually it had been Thanksgiving for a while.  I figured we’d go with Winter for a while, then maybe go to Spring-time photos.  But no.  The student worker had decided to go with a valentine’s theme. Everywhere. These images were animated on at least some of the computers, including those with the big ol’clunky flicker prone monitors.  “Holy shit _____!  Did you put this on?!” I asked with only slightly (comically) exaggerated horror.  “Haha, yeah.  Too much?” she asked.  I was going to take them down but then she mentioned that one of the guys from IT didn’t like the one on the presentation computer, i.e. the computer my boss will have to use at the next meeting I’m not allowed to be at to project her various snooze inducing documents onto the screen at the far end of the meeting room/aka my office.  So…what to do? I think I’m going to leave them all up for now.  They can come down after the meeting.  And I for one think my boss’s presentation will be enhanced by a cute little cuddly wuddly cartoon animal jumping up and down with a joyful and very pink valentine’s day message.

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