certified, with restrictions

When you go out on medical leave, you need to obtain a doctor’s certification that you are fit for duty to return.  In my employer’s case, there is a section where the doctor can mark “released to work with restrictions” and the restrictions are then given below.  My doc was very nice about this part.  “Sure, just have ________ fill it out,” he said and was gone.  Ok, so ________ filled it out and I told HR, who has asked that I send in my “doctor’s note”.  Boy, I hope that they aren’t expecting more than this document or I’m gonna be kind of pissed.

The restrictions are:

  • 1/2 time for 2 weeks
  • No lifting or straining
  • Parking on same level as office
  • The first is on account of the fatigue and continuing pain. The second is standard. The third has to do with how the entrance to my building is set up. The “first floor” is actually NOT on the ground relative to the parking lot. It’s up a pretty significant flight of concrete steps outside the building. Then into the building. Then down a hall. Then up another very steep, poorly lit, low contrast set of steps. Through the lobby, then up a short flight of stairs. And then down a hall, down another hall, then my office. There is parking on the upper level, just outside my office. But it requires a handicapped parking permit and a separate key to get in. And my boss has, in the past, railed about employees accessing in this way. To the point where she’s blocked their getting a key. Between that and the 1/2 time, she’s probably not going to like this very much. Well, I’m going to try not to care how much she likes it and concern myself with compliance. One of my biggest concerns with that is that I suspect she will expect me to do 40 hours worth of work in 20 hours a week.

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