code green

This is what the kids say now at work when the boss is in.

See, there’s a certain amount of “on call” time when they are there.  They will be needed if something comes up, but once they finish the routine stuff, they sometimes have some down time.  Unless they are out of control (which never happens more than once…I am very clear about the consequences of losing it again), I do not crack down on them to work every second they are on the clock.  It’s impossible and impractical.  I’d never get anything done if my whole day was spent thinking up time consuming activities for them.  It’s better to let them have the down time with the understanding if something comes up, they jump to.  And they do.  But in the down time, if it’s just me and it’s not going to be a problem, I don’t mind if they goof around a bit.  However, if the boss is in, it’s a problem.  Goofing around brings her running.  “She’ll find something horrible for you to do!” the kids warn each other, but then continue goofing around.  So I’ve told them that there are effectively two modes of  “down time” and the kind when the big boss is in involves being quieter.  Ok bear with me, nearly there.  So the kids said we needed a code word that I could say since often letting them know the boss is in involves an elaborate pantomime (boss’ office door is not far from our main work area).  I laughed, but it had some merit.  “Ok, how about kiwis?”  (because I was looking at one).  This works, and when they’re feeling bold, it’s “code green”…ah you know 20-somethings, they love the meta.

And I just had my very own little code green, right here at home!  That’s right, boss lady just called me while I am starting the last week of my by the book approved medical leave to ask about the surgery and when I was coming back.  Let me be clear  – in case the above passage and text was not sufficient to demonstrate that she and I do not have the sort of mixed friend/boss relationship that allows for a call like that to be anything other than your boss calling you to harass you – this was not an ok call for her to make.  Was she deluded enough to think we have the kind of relationship where this is ok?  Nah, I dont think so.  I think it’s just more of her willful ignorance of HR policy, medical leave, disability law, labor law….the rules do not apply to her so why bother to learn them.

I am NOT impressed.  I’ll be writing to HR just as soon as I figure out how to say what I want and need to say.

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  1. Grumble, grumble. Write HR and state the day and approx time boss lady called and approx contents of conversation. Let Human Resources know it was your understanding that you are to return BLANK, it was approved BLANK, and you do not expect work phone calls while you’re on your leave or you will have to keep a timesheet. I say go as far as telling them to inform boss lady to address all work return issues to their department. Do it! :

    • Thanks Q. Within 2 hours of her call, I had a MASSIVE migraine, with the biggest twinkliest “scotoma” (visual aura) I’ve ever had. Thanks Boss Lady! BP was 120/70 – lol. Never gets that high.


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