great gift idea?

A good friend was up to visit this past week and showed me a new site, regretsy, “where DIY meets WTF”.  It’s fantastic.  As we scrolled down the home page, we discovered – to my immense pleasure – this…the “classic uterinata”!

picture of a pinata shaped like an anatomically correct uterus plus fallopian tubes and ovaries

piñata + uterus = FUN

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  1. ouch. that doesn’t look like something I’d want to hit! my gentle, loving reproductive system…

    • Agreed, I had the same reaction. I read the entry at the original (Etsy site) and apparently the creator thought of that. It’s meant to be played by pulling the ribbons on the bottom – one attaches to the “cervix” and releases candy when it’s pulled. LOL! I found the whole thing uproariously tasteless.


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