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Now that I’m barely taking any pain meds (yes, that’s right, two weeks post op and the surgical pain is warranting no more than 500 mg tylenol/acetaminophen and 200 mg ibuprofen a day) I am noticing that my hips took a beating in the surgery.  Maybe it’s time to up that pain med dose again?  But I risk “rebound” headaches, even though what I’m taking the meds for isn’t a headache in the first place.  Since I’m not doing much, i.e. not climbing the many stairs necessary to get from my parking space to my office, I’ll skip the headache and just ice the hips.  But in about a week and a half, that’s going to change.

I’m planning to ask the surgeon at my follow up to write for a parking accommodation for when I go back to work.  And here’s hoping he’ll comply.  I worry it’ll be turfed to my primary care, since the hips are a pre-surgical issue.  My reasoning is that the issue was aggravated by surgery so it makes sense for the surgeon to address it.  Fingers crossed!

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  1. I’m sure your OBGYN won’t have a problem doing the disabled parking request for you…but make it easier on him/her and download the form ahead of time off your DMV website…have it all filled out…so all he has to do is sign his name and put in his doctor number or whatever. You then can bring it to the DMV to get your permit. If your OBGYN doesn’t agree to do it….you should be able to get your GP doctor to do it without a visit..as all they have to do is sign their name, then you go pick it up.
    I just know by experience they don’t have those “forms” on hand…the DMV won’t just take a note sadly…so hopefully this advice saves you a trip 🙂



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