Dear old m.o.m

Narcotics and milk of mag was the recommendation. I wonder how many prescription drug addictions insurance companies feature in. Reasoning that they won’t cover the non-narcotic pain med but will happily let me get more percocet – that’s some bad medicine I say.
Could they be liable? Are you even allowed to sue an insurance company these days?

So, one week post op and doing good. One very interesting thing…I’ve actually had menstrual cramps that hurt as bad as the pain I was feeling one day after surgery. That’s one day after having my uterus and cervix removed, part of an ovary taken out, a ligament resected (cut up to get a particularly nasty endo implant out then reattached), and various other endo sites dug out of me. I wish I’d had a hysterectomy years ago. I really do. That’s a lot of years of horrible pain.

It’s snowing like crazy here. Still more to come. My husband’s safe at home with me though, having gotten two weeks off work on FMLA granted leave. Interesting, and quite irksome, thing about his leave – if he were taking this time off for me to have a baby, he’d have been able to go on short term disability time instead of it coming out of his sick/vacation pay. Outstanding, isn’t it?

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  1. What’s outstanding is that you made it through what sounds like torture surgery (yikes!), are healing, and still have you’re sharp wit and ability to get me to question everything. I’m so hopeful for a significant reduction of pain in your life.

    Awesome that husband is home with you. Totally effed there’s no st disability involved.

    Thinking of you lots!

    • aw, thanks! I am doing pretty good – hitting the wall a few times a day where I NEED to lay down but the pain is decreasing and my energy is holding ok.

  2. Oh, and you have a MOM to thank this mother’s day. Isn’t that sweet. Couldn’t resist because it came to mind that M.o.m has been a heck of a lot more reliable.


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