pre-op appointment tomorrow

I’m assuming there will be med students.  And histories.  I hate histories.  I hate giving them, I hate the looks.  Hrrmph.  Well, I doubt I’m anything they haven’t seen before.  I just hope they don’t fuck up my history with biases or discount something important.  That is always my concern.

In addition to my medication list and list of “shit that’s wrong with me”, I have a list of questions.  I have no idea if tomorrow’s venue is the appropriate ones for them, e.g. “what can be done to lessen complications of anesthesia like nausea?” “what sort of pain control will I have postoperatively?”  But I’m bringing them anyhow.  I’m resisting the urge to bring everything.  They can ask and I can fax if necessary.  I’m not in the mood to lug the whole thing around.  Oh for the electronic medical record.  Why the hell isn’t it here yet?

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  1. Yes, yes, yes, electronic record – please arrive. And let us make our corrections so every report we get does not have some weird erroneous stuff that was never even mentioned.

    Hoping all of the appointments go well today.

    • And there it was…my record said I had a history of “hypertension”. Nothing could be further from the truth. I’m chalking it up to selective hearing biased by frequency of the (in my case, very wrong) term.


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