freudian gift buying

I stopped on the way home to pick up confections for co-workers.  Not the faculty, they can buy their own damned candy.  But the long suffering staff, they deserve candy.  Nice candy.  And even the one I’m not overly fond of, I would be lost without her good graces and so I do what I can to keep her happy.  Yes, ’tis the season of office bribery.

Anyhow, I got the candies, very nice gourmet candy, for each of them.  Applying the rules I learned as the middle child, they got the same mix so there would be no fighting (no seriously, the one for whom this could be seen as a bribe can sometimes be rather jealous and petty, we’ll call her PCW, “petty coworker”).

Got all the way home, was telling my husband that I stopped, and I realized one of the hand picked candies is a flavor that PCW is utterly averse to.  It makes her sick.  And I know this.  I know it very well.  So well that I occasionally use that scent to keep her away from me, only when she’s been truly awful.  I swear to god though, this was not consciously on my mind when I picked out the candy.  I am at both amused and mildly horrified at my gaffe.  Thank god I caught it tonight!

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  1. R. G. Maines

     /  December 24, 2010

    That is hysterical! You sometimes use that scent to keep her away from you!! That’s genius!!!!

    When I was working in an office setting, I burned a small yankee candle every day because the building had a mildew smell that reminded me of an old neglected basement. LOL

    The woman in the office next to mine came over daily and knocked on the door to complain about the candle. It’s too flowery, it’s too fruity, it’s too sweet…. the complaints went on and on.

    While I wished one of the scents would repel her it actually drew her to my door to complain!!! Back fired on me!!!!

  2. LOL! I discovered the smell aversion by accident. It’s a scent I use as a remedy for migraines – helps take the edge off for me (lavender). So I carry a small atomizer spray bottle (purse sized, very slim little tube) with water and a few drops of essential oil in it. I spray it when I’m feeling awful – one day she complained. I remember these things….yes, I’m evil.

    The lady at the sweets shop was very nice and let me exchange my bad candy for one that wouldn’t make PCW sick. My husband thinks the whole thing is hysterical.

  3. queenofoptimism

     /  December 27, 2010

    I am laughing so hard – I am starting to aspirate on my saliva. It all started with “let’s call her PCW”. Classic.

    Does she also wear fleece vests? How did she react to the exchanged candy. I picture PCW as infinitely impossible to please. Did she or boss lady get anything for you?

    • PCW didn’t, boss lady delivered gift cards from “the faculty” which is more than she did last year. I suppose this is the total of her leadership. Mine was locked in her office because I was at a meeting when she handed them out. That’ll teach me to go to a meeting! lol.


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