I am nearing the end of the exceptionally busy part of my year.  Of all the work I do, about 20% of it is concentrated into 3 to 5 days at the end of the semester.  Today is the busiest.  Resourcefulness, a touch of OCD, and the willingness to cajole or crush conversationally always with the intention of achieving the goal means I get through usually ok.  Oh that and being sick.  See, being sick taught me that you can’t count on yourself to be functioning at 100% (or hell, realistically 150%) so you’d damned well better make hay while the sun shines – I was feeling pretty ok for a while there and wasn’t super busy so I used that time to teach myself some MS Office magic, to prep my work area, to ensure the room I work in was going to be physically appropriate for my unpleasantly demanding body.

I am thankful I had the time and energy to take those little bites out of this work in advance.  This year’s volume was the heaviest they’ve had since there have been records (a whole 2 years…yes, little tiny colleges and little tiny hospitals share something in common – an unwillingness to upgrade their institutional tech from 1972).  Boss is nutty and is stressing all the staff out.  The faculty are overloaded and cranky.

Not that this week hasn’t taken a toll.  My hip is KILLING.  The joints in my right hand are starting to hurt so bad I’m having a hard time gripping the steering wheel when I drive.  My intestine is not even on speaking terms with me.  I believe it is planning something very bad.  The not vertigo dizzies have visited me every day, along with a few of those episodes of feeling as if my body is a tuning fork someone will not stop hitting.

However, there have been two things that made me laugh so hard yesterday tears were streaming down my face.  One may have been mild hysteria.  I happened to escape from my work station a few times yesterday and saw my boss – her vest was on inside out and a sheaf of tags was sticking straight up like some kind of plumage (my husband called it her “crest”, adding “oh god run for the hills!  She’s displaying her mating plumage!”).  I saw her repeatedly throughout the day and apparently no one bothered to tell her.  I work in a nearly all female office.  We notice these things and we tell each other.  No one told her, and that includes no one on her many trips out of our office for meetings.  At about 3, this just struck me as absurdly funny and fitting.  It’s the smallest little thing, just to say “oh your tag’s up!”, but apparently people are not even willing to expend that little effort on her.  I think this is probably not so funny out of context, but god damn did it make me laugh yesterday.

The other thing is a site called Damn You Autocorrect! Do not read while you are sipping your coffee.

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  1. I’m laughing hysterically at the simple fact that bosslady wears vests. I have an image of her already and you helped me make it less fuzzy. Husband comments are classic. Bravo for pushing through all of the bullshit, body and otherwise. you keep on proving that it can be done, sick or not. Between your PhD, MS Word mastery, and managing everything else – you’re my hall of famer! I’m so mad the dizzies are back but

  2. I LOVE this site!!!


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