makes the world go around

That’s right.  Money. Just paid the bills and all.  And I’m thinking about my upcoming medical time off without pay.  Yes, a minimum of 3.5 weeks without a dollar coming in from me.  I think it’s going to be a meager christmas this year.  I’ll have some overtime pay after next week (finals always means extra hours…I’m going in for unpaid extra hours today) but that won’t be a hell of a lot.

However, I do believe it is worth it.  Assuming the surgery goes well that is.  I miss time, often without pay, for medical stuff.  I don’t think the hysterectomy will be a magic bullet.  I do entertain fantasies that some of the bowel stuff will clear up once old “boggy” is out of there.  I know that is a long shot though.  But boy, that would be god damned awesome.  How much time I lose to the intestinal fuckery is something I can’t bring myself to calculate (because it would depress the hell out of me) but which is massive, especially if I include all the symptoms caused or worsened by my current, prolonged state of malnutrition.  Oh and the clothing expenditures from when I unexpectedly lose 10 pounds after a bad two weeks or so.  There’s not enough space in my closet to cover the range of sizes I require in a given season – from 6 to 12…that’s a big spread folks.  And invariably, when I finally retire a size or break down and buy something to replace formerly retired sizes, my weight changes.  A lot.

But, as unlikely as it is that the bowel will improve post-op, it is about as likely that surgery could in fact cause some bowel complications.  So in short, I see this as a bit of a gamble – still, it’s one that I think has good odds for paying off or at least breaking even.

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  1. queenofoptimism

     /  December 11, 2010

    no st disability pay? More of what is wrong with our healthcare system and our world at-large. My money’s on you feeling better in the gastro area, too. I am happy for you, despite the financial strain and general risks because I feel like at least one item on your medical list will have a checkmark instead of a question mark.

    Do docs give you any explanation for the weight fluctuations?

    Thinking of you lots and I highly recommend DVRing some television programs/movies now it at all possible so you are prepared with some decent materials.

    • Nope, no short term disability. You’re just not supposed to be this sick! ;p

      The doctors don’t need to give me an explanation. It’s pretty clear. When my bowel symptoms are bad, I lose weight. When they are more stable, I gain weight. The stability seems to fluctuate with medication – i.e. I take meds at a certain dose and frequency, they work for a while, then the symptoms break through and I increase the meds. Repeat. As for what is up with the intestine, who the hell knows. I’m resigned to it being undiagnosable. IBS was the theory, although my primary has said “you don’t have fat malabsorption in IBS”. So who the hell knows.

      Hulu and netflix watch instant are the best! I don’t have cable so I can’t dvr but usually I can find something entertaining in the streaming collections. 🙂

      • queenofoptimism

         /  December 13, 2010

        man, are there no jobs/employers with a smidgen of what people considered basic benefits? I thought for sure a University would be offering something like st dis. damn. this year, we changed supplemental (self-pay) fringe benefits providers and thanks to my med history and “pre-existing”, i qualified for a measly $500/month in st dis and $10,000 in life insurance. I get it, i really do. But there must be a better way.

        Glad you will be stocked with entertainment and if you send me your address, I can send some seasons greetings, too.

  2. R. G. Maines

     /  December 12, 2010

    Losing income at any time of the year is tough, but at this time of year it’s really difficult, with heating costs, family meals, gift shopping, decorating, wanting to participate in the holiday season….

    My hubby started a new job in May this year and the plant shuts down three times a year for maintenance and cleaning. The first two times this year they allowed him to work through the shut down understanding he had no vacation time to use. He was supposed to be working the two weeks they shut down over Christmas too, but he found out the work they will be doing isn’t something he can help with, so he’s off work for two weeks with no vacation or personal time and no waiting week in for Unemployment!

    I hope your surgery goes well and you heal more quickly than expected and perhaps you’ll have benefits to other issues you’re dealing with as a result.


    • So far, we’ve been very low key this holiday season. My biggest expense has been gift bags for the student workers I supervise. 9 of them! Eeek. But it was fun getting little things…all under $10, most about $4 or $5 at Newbury Comics. Fun stuff. And candy of course. 🙂

      My husband and I have decided we’re taking each other shopping for christmas (clothes and shoes) and maybe going out for a nice dinner. No big splurges. Just chill and quiet. I can deal with that.


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