that time of year

It’s finals.  Ha, you thought I meant christmas.  It’s that too, but final exams loom so large and immediate that the holiday is only a very hazy twinkling on the horizon.  In the lead up to this most busy time of year, I have had a few real sucker punches.  One is that I received notice that a parent of favorite student worker died.  This seemed unexpected as the student had not mentioned illness.  Yesterday, I found out that the death was due to suicide.

There is no discussion, only whispered talk.  I find this problematic and distasteful.  Worse, one person who had said initially that they would sign a card for the student has, since learning of the cause of death, become reluctant to put their name on it.  Why?  The student’s parent still died.  It is still a loss – all the more potent due to the circumstances.  I know a card is not going to make it all better, but the student feeling alone and forgotten certainly won’t help either.

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