accommodations à la carte

About a month ago, I talked with HR about accommodations.  They sent me forms, and then those forms sat unused in my inbox.  There are three reasons for this.

1.  I don’t have a name for much of what is up with me.  In the accommodation form, you are supposed to name your condition.  Failing that linguistic short hand, I am left with listing out every symptom as a distinct entity.  This is exhausting, frustrating, and emotionally difficult.

2.  While there were several things about my work environment that need adjustment, most of them fall into the category of stuff that’s already supposed to happen but doesn’t.  E.g., lunch break coverage.  I shouldn’t NEED to ask for a lunch break as an accommodation, and it seems silly to do so when I put pen to paper (or rather, finger to keyboard).  But the practical fact remains that because of how my workplace is structured (personnel-wise), I DO need to ask for it as an accommodation since the policy for breaks is not enforced.  I.e., I am supposed to get coverage for one but I often am left hanging.  I am supposed to not be interrupted with requests for me to work on my lunch break but that happens.  When I explain I am on my lunch break, I’ve been given shit, sometimes quite publicly, by the coworker who thinks I should stop eating and hop to anyhow.

3.  I feel like if I’m going to put me and my primary care through the process of requesting an accommodation, I should consolidate and ask for everything I need all at once rather than do this as an à la carte process with each accommodation request coming in dribs and drabs.

And here’s a fun fact about accommodations.  Although workplaces are not required to provide them without the reams of documentation and invasive disclosures, they are allowed to provide them without the reams of documentation and invasive disclosures.  Many places do this if the accommodation does not require significant effort or burden on the part of the employer.  Sometimes though, you end up in a situation where you just need to get the thing on paper.  And that is where I am.  And it sort of sucks because it’s going to create friction and annoyance and burden my physician.

😦  Blah.

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  1. It just shouldn’t be this way. This is wrong, wrong, wrong. from the need to ask for a break to the pressure to not seem like you need a break and the further pressure of having to do any of this. argh!!!

    Is “serious illness” enough of a description? I will have to look for what I found during my discovery phase because this became my working title so to speak, though I have yet to ask for an accommodation myself for similar reasons.

    hugs and support….


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