My body is a traitorous bastard.  Yesterday was a tough day at work.  Not horrible but just confounding.  But today, I told myself, would be better.  More evenly paced schedule, boss is out, staff member who took an ill-timed holiday (which stressed some of the other staff out) is back.

And then I woke up with a very sore throat.  Just one part of my throat.  Hm.  Well sore throats are not rare for me.  Reflux = waking up with a sore throat often.  And it’s allergy season.  However, I just looked in the mirror and woah, that’s none of the above.  Looks like a wee abscess – very localized, very red, and very ah… infected looking (trying to avoid the use of the adjectival form of “puss”).

So instead of a manageable 8 to 8.5 hour day at work, here I go, burning through some more sick time so I can get it looked at and get an antibiotic.


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