Sick cat.  My cat’s lumpy.  He’s had these lumps on his skin from time to time.  They got bad enough in a few spots back in 2007 that he had surgery to remove them.

photo of orange and white striped cat at home after surgery, soft collar; visible sutures on tail

Max after removal of several past "lumps"

Everything came back fine in terms of testing for cancer.  But he’s got more lumps now.  It started with one on the back of his head.  The vet was going to remove it but wanted to wait until he was feeling a bit better (lots of food problems with the cat – special diet food that he sometimes stops eating and that was one of those times).  Recently, my husband and I noticed new lumps.  And they are not on the surface, these are deeper and more disturbing.  They seem to me to be where I suspect his lymph nodes are in his neck (both sides) and shoulders.  I haven’t checked the rest of them.  He’s a little fussy about being handled too much.

Off to the vet for the kitty.  Saturday.  I’m worried.  He’s old and wouldn’t tolerate much in terms of medical (or surgical) heroics but the thought of letting go of him nearly physically hurts.  I’ve had this cat through three men, three states, and most of my adult life.  It’s weighing on my mind tonight because as I was patting him earlier, I noticed the lumps are growing at a somewhat alarming rate.  I don’t pray but I will take any and all good thoughts you want to send his way.

photo of orange and white striped cat sitting on box at home after surgery, soft collar

He does look rather dashing in his soft collar

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  1. R. G. Maines

     /  November 12, 2010

    I understand how you feel… Over the years I’ve lost several cats, one to feline leukemia, two to heart attacks and I had to put down Echo, my previous beloved Siberian Husky.

    We’d do anything to make our pets comfortable, because they give us so much more than love.

    Wait until the Vet has a look, see what they think and take it one day at a time.

    The thought of saying ‘goodbye’ to a beloved pet is physically painful, is emotionally too much to really think about. You’ll know what the right thing is to do and when the time is right to do it, your kitty will let you know.

    Love & ((Hugs))
    Kodi & Me

  2. Queen

     /  November 13, 2010

    Thinking of you and Max with love and concern. Hoping for news that he’s okay and that the lumps are not painful.

    Please let me know about the appoitment.

  3. Awww he’s so handsome. Hope he feels better. It sucks when the hearts that live outside our body get sick.


  4. Thank you – it means a lot to have some kind words. The update is that he’s on an antihistamine and an antibiotic for a few days, then we check back in with the vet. She tells me that needle biopsy results are often inconclusive so if Max is still lumpy, they’ll remove a few and send them out for biopsy.


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