“don’t say I never gave you anything”

I took Monday off to unpack and do some of the many little things one needs to do after even a smallish move.  I came back to work to find a rather significant mess had been made of one of the jobs I do.  It was covered in pieces, which would explain some of the mess.  Part by a coworker and part by our boss.

“Oh she was out of control yesterday” the coworker told me regarding the boss.  And she came in sick.  Not just a little either.  “We were at your desk and I looked at her at one point and she was all red, all up and down her face and neck…”

Well you would be red too if you had scarlet fever.  Yes, boss-lady disclosed later in the day that she had scarlet fever and a pneumonia.

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  1. R. G. Maines

     /  October 27, 2010

    What on earth is the matter with people? Why would you risk infecting everyone in the office? For crying out loud!!!!


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