“why don’t you just…”

…not tell me how to do my job when you have no clue.  When it’s asking for way too much, and when it comes from someone who doesn’t have a good idea what that job entails, it really is something I do not appreciate.

This week’s “why don’t you just” comes from a faculty member who thinks that the staff should just come in extra early (when we stay extra late nearly every night) whenever one of her students will need assistance, you know, to ensure that the full amount of assistance is given, no matter how long it takes.  “But we promise them!” she tells me sternly.  “I don’t see what the problem is,” she adds.  Yes, clearly she does not.

The staff are overworked.  They do not have enough resources to do even the jobs that they already do even with the extra time they commit in order to do them, often well and always sufficiently.  E.g., with a few exceptions for doctors’ appointments (my own and others’), the staff members have each come in early and stayed late most days this month.  And yet this woman thinks we can just do…well, more!   Come in early more, and “just go home a little early.”  My telling her that it doesn’t work like this fell on obstinately deaf ears.

The thing that is bringing me down about this is that the person who I’ve been having this discussion with is someone I thought was decent – by which I mean someone who is not so ignorant and short sighted that she couldn’t see that her own experience may not be a sufficient basis of judgment for EVERYONE else’s business.  If this person can think like this, then god damn, imagine how the not good people think?

It brings to mind a saying of my father’s:  “Why don’t you just stick a broom up my ass and I can sweep the floor while I’m at it?!”

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  1. Advice from the clueless or think they know it all and obviously think they must work harder than anyone else to suggest something like this….ergh.

    This is the last thing you need. So sorry.

  2. R. G. Maines

     /  October 20, 2010

    Your Dad must have known my Grandfather…. he said the exact same thing! I don’t understand why people are so cognizant of their own limits, but seem oblivious to the limits of others… empathy must be a special skill.



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