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Decided I needed a theme update.  It’s too bad that WordPress keeps the editing of the template all locked up unless you upgrade.  Bummer.

So I went with a different repackaged theme, largely to prevent text overrunning in the sidebars.  This theme isn’t too different from the one I had before.  Also, I added an image to the header.  It’s a piece from a recomposed slice of an abdominal CT scan.  I figured all that radiation exposure should be used for something, other than taking up space in my medical record.

abstract image created from top slice of an abdominal CT scan.  Reds and greens, blocks and spheres

Abd CT, 2005 showing not much considering all the pain and weight loss. Maybe they just weren't looking at it the right way

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  1. queenofoptimism

     /  October 12, 2010

    I love it! If you ever want to go to, where you host elsewhere and have complete control over your design (the designs/templates themselves are free), I know a guy who charges very little for hosting and is just a helluva nice guy. I’d go with him for my blog except that I don’t want him to know about my blog. I use him for work-related stuff.


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