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Back from the neurologist.  1 hour behind – I wish I’d called first because taking time off from work is making things difficult there.  My bad though, shoulda called.

Not much to report.  “All good”, the doctor chirped as he came through the door.  Um.  No, not all good.  All still not good.  It not being hot has helped, a ton.  But warm me up and I’m a mess.

The nurse had told me the EMG of my arms showed “an old injury and a new one” in my neck.  “I don’t remember doing anything to my neck.” “Oh it can happen doing anything, even just turning your head.”  Ok.  I get that.  The doc told me that the MRI was normal but the EEG showed some abnormalities in the left temporal lobe, he even busted out his brain model to show me where.  I sometimes wonder, should I say I completed course work for a PhD in cognitive psychology or just let them prattle on dropping such bon mots as “this is the temporal lobe…of course it doesn’t look this color normally, that’s just the model”.  Really?  It’s not robin’s egg blue?

Back to the lobe, mine, not the models.  Which is not blue.  “It’s non-specific and I am NOT saying you have a seizure disorder.  It sometimes comes with migraines, yours was there on and off, it got worse in the hyperventilation condition”.  Long and short, he recommends a sleep deprivation EEG to look a little further.  “It’s probably just the migraine, but this would help us be sure”.

I doubt it.  It seems like nothing will help be sure of anything.  I’ll probably do it but I did say I’m super busy at work and asked if this can wait a month or so.  He said yes.

I said “ok, so you’re saying that the symptoms I was having were all probably just a two and a half month long migraine?”  He said “yes”.  And I described how I felt during the hyperventilation episode and said that this was exactly the kind of crappy I feel when I feel really crappy (outside of induced hyperventilation during an EEG).  I said “During those times, when I’ve felt like that, I’m not aware of overtly hyperventilating or breathing strangely”.  He said I might not be.  He agreed it didn’t sound like the kind of normal thing you’d get with hyperventilation (tingling in extremities, etc.) but that he had no idea what might have caused it.  I said I’d ask my primary, and he said that my primary care probably wouldn’t know either.


I conclude with this, I’ve posted it before but it bears reposting, because apparently I just DO that now.

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  1. q

     /  October 5, 2010

    I vote that you do spout off the lobes of the brain and throw in some cranial nerves to interrupt the whole 4th grade science fair act. “Thanks to my PhD studies(who cares if they are incomplete), I’ve paid a lot to know a thing or two about the lobes of the brain, including that they are mushy and gray, not separated by vibrant colors.” You’re gifted with words so your comment will be a lot better, I’m just trying to say: go for it next time.

    I’m being quite snarky and pessimisitic about this appointment. “All good”? A 2+ month migraine is all good? No idea of cause? prevention? NOT good.

    I’m so sorry this appointment was sucky. I don’t believe you have to just do with your shitty body responses. I’m not accepting that. And, you’re not even 40 anyway… 🙂

    But, I gotta say, this whole matching neck problem thing we both have…damn I hope it’s not just age.

  2. I thought of you with the “old injury/new injury” thing. I wonder if it’s just something they ascribe a certain pattern of results to if there’s no other apparent cause. Of course, in your case, you’ve got the whole whacky spine thing going on. I wonder – would it make your neuro #4 change anything to know what your neck MRI showed? Just curious.

    Yeah…on the occasions when I’ve let my mouth get going in a doctor’s office, I’ve usually regretted it. As I said to my psychologist, I would like tools other than the jack hammer and the handcuffs – I either let loose entirely or I restrain myself to the point of dulling my self advocacy. Lots of “oh crap, I should’ve asked…” when I get to the car. Today, at least I asked. Let’s remember, this is the man who tried to define “red herring” to me in his office. He’s a little insecure, is my read. I’d spook him if I let the dogs out. 😉

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