I overslept today.  Just kept hitting that snooze on the alarm until, crap! 6:40!  Fortunately, there were no early appointments so my getting in an hour late wasn’t the disaster it could have been.  Unfortunately, I feel like I’m under extra scrutiny right now for having taken so much time off of work.  Rolling in at 9:15 wasn’t exactly what I had in mind as a nice way to start my week.

My rainy week.  Lots of complaints at work about the rain.  I’m just happy it’s cooler than 70.  My body is happy with a nice 62 degree day.   Dry is good, but not necessary.  Cool and wet might make the joints go ZING but apparently my brain is much happier with it than warm and anything.

But sleep.  I need it.  I need it better at least if not more.  And this is why we are moving.  Or at least trying to.  Looking at moving.  So far nothing has really jumped up and said “move here Mr. and Mrs. Dyspatient!” (or as my husband would point out in a moment of feigned pique, “I didn’t go to evil graduate school for 6 years to be called Mr.!”).  So far, there have been places I would have lived but my husband wasn’t thrilled with and placed he would have lived but I wasn’t psyched for.  I’m noticing though that while my thumbs down come nearly exclusively from things like “I don’t like the looks of that old steam radiator – talk about things that go bump in the night!” (this is part of what I’m trying to move away from)…my husbands criteria seem more having to do with a certain “feel”.  An (a)esthetic.  He’s not unconcerned with the other stuff, but the “all things being equal” make or break factors seem to be skewed in different directions for us.

picture of a run down looking bathroom, horrible blue walls and stained tiles

Not what Mr. Dyspatient is looking for

This is not to say that we have given up, and we’ve actually managed not to have too much grumbling and fighting on the topic – I’m pleased to say.  I think a big part of that is because it’s not like he’s pushing for noisy or three flights of stairs just to have a place that “feels” right.  And also, I understand the need to feel at home in your home.  I get that.  It’s important.

On Wednesday, we are off to view another apartment.  This one has 1 and 1/2 bathrooms and forced air heat (and central air).  Oh be still my heart!  Please let it not look (or sound) like a college dorm!

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  1. queenofoptimism

     /  October 1, 2010

    Oooohhhh… like it! Hope Mr. D comes around. Any news?

    • Yes! but not on that one. That one was a little not so great. We went with a smaller place (and only one bathroom) but it’s a nice place. Got high hopes for it! We’re signing the lease Friday…getting a quote from a mover at my brother’s request (“I don’t want anyone to pull or strain anything so let’s look into movers, shall we?”).


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