omg emg

Ok that hurt.  The shocks were fine – my body’s given me more ugly than that.  Nothing worse than a bad static shock.  But the needles in the muscles?  No ma’am.  Not ok.

It wasn’t like excruciating but I’ll tell ya, it was (a) definitely a bit painful, (b) something of the type that makes me go “eerrrrrrrgggh”, and (c) definitely more painful when your muscle cramps with a needle in it.  Nearly called the doctor a bad name.  I managed to change it to “faaaaah-aaaaa-haaaa!” instead.  I’m glad.  He’s not a bad guy and I don’t want to be hurling obscenities at him.

I have friend who had one some years ago and he swore it wasn’t painful.  I suppose this is a nice example of how we’re all just a little bit different.  My guess is he probably wouldn’t be able to get out of bed with the kind of pain I get from an endometriosis period.  And I can’t have needles in my muscles without breaking out in a cold sweat and swearing.

And an interesting thing about the EEG – the gross all over thrumming, whooshing vibrating feeling plus headache and nausea I got from the hyperventilation part?  That is exactly what I feel like when I feel really bad.  To my knowledge, I’m not hyperventilating during those episodes – and it’s not tingling hands and feet, it’s WHOOSHzzzzzzzWHOOSHzzzzzzzWHOOSHzzzzzzz all through my torso, neck, head, and limbs.  Sometimes my eyes get in on it too pulsing dark and light dark and light.  And I’m usually more or less in a sort of drooling stupor.

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  1. queenofoptimism

     /  September 22, 2010

    Yikes! Any preliminary results?!?!?! What about results with the EEG?

    Don’t be hard on yourself. EMGs are considered subjective tests (at least that’s what my stream of doctors tell me).

    I had one emg on my leg that was excruciating! Especially when the needle was in the hip area. I was saying “ow, ow, ow” over and over again and bit all of my fingernails off.

    When University Hospital did an emg on my leg to make the results fit their belief that I was suffering from somatization disorder, there was no real pain. It lasted only about 3 minutes and the needle was placed in only one spot. I could deal with that.

    My Hopkins doc insists on doing his own emg at my appt this Tuesday. Since I’m paying for 100% of it, I hope it hurts like hell. 🙂

  2. Blurg. How’s it a “subjective test”? Subjective for me or for the doctor(s)? I really wasn’t prepared for the number of sticks, but on the plus side it hurt a lot less in my arm than leg. And aside from a headache, I’m not feeling too bad right now.

    So hey, are super low blood pressure and malnutrition “somatization disorder” things? Seems like everything I read about that seems like you could make a lot of stuff fit into it. I was talking with a student recently who has MS. She told me it took years and years to get a diagnosis (she’s older so this was pre-MRIs) and the whole time she had doctors telling her it was “all in her head”.

    • queenofoptimism

       /  September 23, 2010

      I suppose it’s a bit subjective for both docs and patients. My first emg was consistent with upper motor neuron disease. No one paid attention to this stating that the results depend on the administrator of the test. All of my info is probably bad/incorrect. I don’t have the best sources.

      • The student I was talking to with MS told me she had been diagnosed and “undiagnosed” several times. So see, something to look forward to. Even if we get a diagnosis, some new doctor could just say “hey you know I don’t think you have that…” This happens with my 2002 lyme disease diagnosis and let me tell you, I am so very happy I took a picture of the rash. I flash that baby at ’em and suddenly it’s “oops, no, that’s lyme disease”. Which is why anyone I know who gets a bite or “strange” rash, I tell them to take a picture of it.

  3. Oh -results. He was muttering something about the upper extremity EMG being abnormal, but other than that no. The nurse who did the EEG asked me if the one I had as a teenager was normal, with a bit of what sounded like contrastive stress on the last part. I have an appointment to go over all this crap on Oct. 5 – they spent nearly three hours with me today, so I figured I’d just wait til the follow up for the story.

  4. R. G. Maines

     /  September 23, 2010

    Wow, I feel really bad for you having to go through all this. I certainly hope they figure things out after all these tests.

    Gentle Hugs 🙂


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