Ungodly busy at work.  And feeling like hell.  This is not a nice combo.  I finally tried the “rescue med” for the migraines – fioricet.  I took a half pill since I tend to have a pretty strong response to sedating drugs.  So…did it help?  The headache was a bit better, still felt it but it didn’t feel like my head was going to implode or my eyes were going to liquify.  But didn’t touch the nausea, didn’t get rid of the all over tingling feeling, or the chills.

What the hell is this?  I wish to god I knew.  I wish I knew what made it worse, what made it better.

And toward that end, I’m finishing the neuro workup today.  EMG at 11:00 and EEG at noon.  Then off to the eye doctor since the neuro and the PCP have both told me twice now to go.  Wouldn’t it be nice if something I did today actually held an answer or even a clue?  God I wish, I really do.

I had a realization about work this morning.  My boss is a drama queen of the worst sort.  Actually, I think the word for her is a shit stirrer.  She actually enjoys when things are going wrong, when people are stressed out – to the point where she goes around trying to amplify stress.  I base this not only on how she relates to me but to the other staff, the student workers, and the faculty in the department.  She is nearly uniformly loathed, although most people lay the reason for it on her abrasive manner, her tendency to flat out lie, and her “punitive” tendencies (a word used by a high ranking faculty member in the department).  But I think that all of these behaviors of her are unified by a single cause which is that she likes drama, she likes shit stirring.  I’m not sure how someone gets to be that way, not sure it matters that I know either.  My job is to just hang in there and try to work through, around, over, and under her until her “interim” appointment is up.

Man, I hope they hire someone this year.

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  1. queenofoptimism

     /  September 22, 2010

    damn, I really hope that hire someone this year, too. Indeed, she is a drama queen who thrives on crises and I have worked with far too many people like that. It’s a whole hell of a lot worse than working for a laid back boss who is so freaked out by my medical problems that she won’t even talk to me face to face anymore – only via email – though our offices are next to each other.

    Sorry that I got on the subject of me. Totally rude.

    I really hope there are some neuro clues. I want the headaches to go away. I want you to feel better. I hope you get some time to yourself despite the crazy busy-ness.

    Thinking of you and sending lots of good vibes your way.

  2. Oh don’t sweat it – it’s not off topic. It’s part of why we blog, isn’t it? To share experiences? It is for me at least. It’s funny, I wish my boss would do more by email. I’m convinced she just doesn’t want a paper trail. I hope I get some time too. I mean, I get “me time” if me time consists of sprawling on the bed or couch wishing myself out of my body. Hey I’m about to turn 39! This weekend! We’re going out for an extravagant brunch and I’m planning on wearing my tiara. 🙂

    • queenofoptimism

       /  September 23, 2010

      Fabulous! Just fabulous. Shwoo…I’m not the only one who wishes for a way out of their body.

  3. R. G. Maines

     /  September 23, 2010

    Oh boy… I’ve worked with someone like this too, in fact, she was key in getting me fired and afterward wanting to become ‘friends’??!!!*@#!&%@

    Hopefully they will hire someone to replace her and you will at the very least, have some relief at work.



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