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Here’s an email I sent to my brother and sister on Saturday morning.

Subject: request (birthday)
I know we have plans for my birthday, brunch. And I’m still planning to do it. But I might need help between now and then and the help might make brunch less of an option. Here’s my pitch:
My doctor has ordered a month’s worth of weekly IV vitamin therapy since I have a few levels that are low. While they are low enough that treating them might help me feel better, they might not be low enough for the insurance company to pay for them. They don’t have a protocol for how malnourished you have to be before they will pay. Plus, quite recently, my insurance company refused to authorize my arthritis pain medicine, a drug that is a lot like motrin but without the stomach destroying parts. They will now pay for 5 days worth of that pill a month – so I’m allowed to have 5 days worth of pain a month and no more unless I’d like to become addicted to a narcotic, which they will pay for. Anyhow, my point is they are fully capable of doing stupid crap like that, so as much as I’d like to think they’d pay for the IV vitamins, they might not.
And that brings me to my request. I’m going to get this, at least one or two treatments. If they don’t pay for it, would you be willing to pitch in some money toward it as my birthday present? No more than whatever you’d have spent on me anyhow. I have literally no idea what the IV vitamins cost but I cannot take feeling this shitty and if something as innocuous as vitamin treatments that would help, then I will absolutely try it.

My brother replied within 2 hours.  My sister called that night to see “what was up”, to tell me that she had a headache the day before, and to say that she figured if she had one I probably did too.  Anyhow, she did not mention the email.  Saturday was a wretched day for me health wise.  Sunday was not great.  Today is ok.  I texted her today.  She promptly called.  Ugh.  Not up for a call.  So we talked.  I mentioned that I might go in a little late tomorrow so I can get a blood draw, stop at the hospital to drop off the script for the IV fluids/etc because nothing was open all weekend to get going on this stuff.  She said “yeah, the vitamin thing.  Will your insurance pay for it?”  Ok.  So she got the email, and I was pretty frustrated to hear her ask me if I knew if the insurance company will pay for it.  The whole point of the email is that I don’t know and probably won’t know until the bill goes to them and they chew on it for a while.  “I don’t know yet,” I said.  Still nothing from her on my request.

I honestly have no idea if she is being spacey or if there is intent here.  Both suck, admittedly the latter sucks much more.  Anyhow, I emailed her later today with a forward of the original message and just wrote “Can you let me know?”  We’ll see how this goes.  Could be a bit of a reckoning coming up here.  She doesn’t need to pony up, but what kind of person doesn’t even acknowledge the request?  That’s some seriously childish crap right there.

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  1. R. G. Maines

     /  September 9, 2010

    Sorry you’re experiencing this, having to wonder if she’s being ‘spacey’ or purposefully ignoring the request.
    I hope things work out for you. I hope that either way your birthday is as pleasant as it can be.



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