bad is the new good

Today I was, well, not good.  But not as bad as the day before and certainly not as bad as the night before.  So what does that make me today?  By no means good.  Lots of headache and what I’m just gonna call “vert” (yeah, I still haven’t settled on a name) and that’s just not ok at work.  Anything bright made me feel like someone shot an arrow through my eye and into my head (an arrow that then burst into a million little pin-thin slivers of corrosive poison…there should have been a chorus of sharp hissing sounds).  Anything noisy, like the maintenance workers hammering upstairs on the floor immediately above my desk, was a palpable presence in my body that built into waves of pain in my head.  Anything warmer than 66 degrees made me feel nauseated and faint and flushed.  And I couldn’t see so well.  The screen looked a lot like this:

images of text as it appears to my left eye and to my right.  Left is blurry and fainter.

No wonder I have a headache.

I’m home now.  I’m so happy to be home.  I couldn’t find my sunglasses when I was leaving work and I nearly cried.  It’s a beautiful bright sunny day and it’s too much.

Last night I increased my CMD to 200 mg.  I’m really hoping this thing starts helping.  I’m keeping a headache/vert diary for now.  I figure I want a record so I can see if this thing is making a difference…yes the scientist in me is saying “but you didn’t keep a record before so how will you know?”  So my method is flawed.  But I know that July was horrible.  I know that it was as bad as this.  And now I have a record of how bad this is.  So if this improves, then it’s making a difference.  If this doesn’t, it’s not and I’m sure not gonna stay on a CMD that doesn’t help.

But all that said, as bad as today is, it’s better than yesterday and Wednesday night.  So that’s good.

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  1. I just came across your blog and thought I’d leave a message. It’s a good idea to keep a headache diary/calendar, especially so you can rate the level of your headaches and see if there are any patterns or anything about when your worst days are. Blessings.

  2. Hi Jamie,
    Thank you for coming by and for commenting! I sure hope I can figure some of this out. Any bit of control I can have, even if it’s just knowing when to lay low, would be great.

  3. I’m definitely not an expert on the subject, but if you have any questions feel free to ask. I’ve been keeping a health/migraine journal for years. Especially since my debilitating migraines began with an accident that also caused memory problems, keeping a daily written record has been a must. Feel free to roam about my site, and ask anything.


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