I can scanz ur intestine

Ah well, I swallowed the pill at 7:45 this AM.

cat laying on a reclining person.  person is wearing medical image recording device used with PillCam endoscopy

Comforting me or using me? It's never really clear with cats, is it?

My stomach hurt a bit after, I think it’s got more to do with liquid fast, NPO, bowel prep, and no protonix this AM than with Pill-Cam.

I was so sleepy when I got home from the clinic with my Pill-cam recorder-bag (seen with flashing lights and shit to the left in this picture) and belt (under my sweater) and laid down on the couch for a bit.  You’re NPO for two hours post pill swallow, so there’s not much to do but lie rest and wait for the bowel prep to peter out.  Me laying on the couch mid-day is an invitation to the cat.  I was clearly asking for him to come step on me here, here, there, and (ow!) right on the bladder – then to nestle in with his front resting squarely on my pelvis.  Had to keep him away from the recorder – he really wanted to rub his face on it.

2 hours passed – I was told that on account of me being all migrainy and shit, I could have some black coffee at 2 hours.  let’s hope that pill had made its way out of my stomach by then.  Given how fast stuff usually moves through me, it’s likely.

And now I’m at the countdown to orange chips.  I.e., I can have a “snack” or light meal at hour 4.  I choose orange chips.

person wearing a capsule endoscopy data recorder belt with a cat sitting in lap.

Pill-cam cat iz seeing ur duodenum

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  1. R. G. Maines

     /  August 5, 2010

    Our fur kids have a way of knowing we need them, don’t they? I’m convinced they are comforting us. 🙂
    Hope all goes well!!


  2. queenofoptimism

     /  August 6, 2010

    Wow – I want to know more about the pill cam! It seems so much more high tech than the the rest of the typical crap docs put us through. I’m hoping for a Bingo for you!

    What a sweetie you have there. My littlest sweetie is about the same size but canine. Lovely manicure, too!

    Thinking of you and looking forward to hearing more from you as you feel up to it. Hope work is being cool to you.


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