Bloody hell

Because this is just what I needed, I have my period today.  Fantastic.  Well, on the plus side, I’d rather be wracked by pain and constant diarrhea on a day I don’t have to drag my carcass to work.  On the down, I had hoped to clean the apartment, do some grocery shopping, and get to the lab to drop off specimens.  Once the two celebrex, one tylenol, and lomotil set in, I might be able to get about half of that done.

Bloody hell.  At least my friend who is coming up this afternoon is very familiar with this sort of thing.  She has horrible periods.  It’s one of the things we bonded over in college when we were living in the same dorm.  You get to know who will have NSAIDs mighty quick when you’re living in a dorm and you have endometriosis.  My god, did I get some awful periods back then!  Roaming the halls whimpering because I couldn’t sit or lay down bad.  Passing out in the girl’s room or at work bad.

So it’ll be ginger tea and a spot of wine on the menu tonight.  Then hoping for a better day tomorrow.

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  1. R. G. Maines

     /  July 23, 2010

    I’m with ya, always comes at the worst possible time, always a pain in the butt… well… you know. LOL I so dread that time of month, which, by the way can come at any time during the month with no conceivable pattern.



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