winding down the week

Today is the end of the week for me.  During the summer, the staff where I work get some Fridays off.  And believe me, this has been wonderful.  This Friday, a good friend is coming to visit.  Next, doctor’s appointment.  Last, doctor’s appointment.  I can’t tell you how helpful it is to not have to take time off for these appointments.

I stayed home yesterday.  I was just so wrung out Wednesday.  What I did with my day off?  Not much!  Rested.  Ate.  Read.  Listened to audiobook.  Surfed the internet.  Mostly, just felt better.  Oh I also researched accessible ride options through my local public transit and discovered that they do provide them for “temporary” disability.  Which is wonderful.  If this dizziness crap keeps up, I’m going to see about applying for eligibility.  Today, I’m getting a ride in with a coworker, hoping to feel well enough to drive home, then meeting my husband to go to another doctor’s appointment.  If I’m not well enough, the car will stay put where I work indefinitely.

I do not like the latter option.  But I do like that there is a chance I will have other options for transportation to and from work.  Dealing with another limiting limit was getting me down.  This is a bit of a silver lining that makes me happy, or at least less hopeless.

Looking forward to my weekend!

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