good and bad

The Bad:  The doctor’s appointment.  Not all bad, but I left (a) super hungry (bit of a wait before hand and it ran into dinner time) and (b) not super happy.  Too much talk of Lyme, Lyme left overs, Lyme-you-don’t-still-have-it-but-it-might-have-fucked-you-up-forever-the-end, etc.  Not by me, mind you.  To me, by him.  And to me, it’s like that annoying song that apparently everyone but you loves because you keep hearing it everywhere.  It’s like the medical macena.  He also played me the runner up for most annoying thing I hear over and over from doctors category:  “Has anyone diagnosed you with chronic fatigue syndrome?”  God damn I hate that question.  Because the honest answer is something like “No, but they sure like to bring it up!  So, do you want to be the first?  Step right up!”  Instead I say something like “No, but doctors have mentioned it.  They’ve also said ‘chronic lyme’, ‘post lyme chronic fatigue’, ‘post lyme syndrome’, ‘treatment refractory lyme disease’ and a lot of other stuff.  But no one has officially diagnosed me with any of it.”  And I feel like I sound super defensive and cranky.  Probably I do.

The Good:  A student with Asperger’s syndrome made eye contact with me today.  My first two meetings with him involved him looking nearly exclusively at the floor about a yard away from his right foot.  Today, blam, he looked me right in the eye.  I’m somewhat ashamed to admit, I can’t remember right now what he said.  I was so, well what’s the right word?  Not surprised, not pleased….um, pleasantly engaged in the contact.   I’m hiring him in the Fall because he seems like a nice kid, because he kicks ass with computers (kid’s running windows as a virtual machine on on old macbook he’s nursing into its “golden years”), and because he said he wants to work on campus, “maybe at the library.”  I suggested he could maybe work for me – I’m always on the lookout for nice people with computer skills, and I have a soft spot for people whose social confidence and/or network might be helped by working for a boss who is very direct, very empathetic, and who takes an active interest in mentoring and providing skill learning opportunities, i.e., me.

He said he would think about it, then returned the very next day with a print out of his schedule saying his parents and instructor said they thought it would be a good idea so he thought about it and he would like to work for me.  Very cool.

So I’m just going to focus on that, my friend coming up, mani/pedi day, iced coffee on the beach, and a four day weekend.  And the hell with the other shit.

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