“The old people scare me!”

I was at the lab for my glucose tolerance test this AM.  While I was having my first draw, a woman and a child came in.  I only knew they came in because the kid was so loud.  Random loud kid noises, then I heard it say “Why are there old people here?”  It went on to say “I’m scared – the old people scare me”.

This went on for some time, interspersed with the child skipping about and leaning on various things perfectly happily, then stopping and saying “I’m scared!” in a sort of sing songy, anything but scared voice.

This kid looked to be about 8 in size, but all other signs of maturity pointed at 4.  While the scary old person was having her blood drawn, the child was thudding about in a chair not far from me.  Her mother finally started trying to engage her – by reciting the alphabet.  “A is for….” mom said.  “Apple!” the child yelled triumphantly and then continued “B is for Bacon!  D is for Donut!  F is for….FRENCH FRIES!!!”  This went on, with letters in a sort of loose order but always immediately preceding some food, until the phlebotomist announced from behind the partition (where she was still working with the scary old person) “Ooh, you’d better stop, you’re making me HUNGRY!”

Now, before this story continues, let me just say I was approaching 1/2 hour after drinking the 100 grams of orange flavored heartburn inducing glucola.  I’d been fasting for 13 hours (except for my sugar drink), I had over two hours of fasting to go, and had had no coffee or cigarettes this AM.  Oh and I’m premenstrual.  Bearing that in mind, what do you suppose my reaction was to an obnoxious, immature 8 year old who was “scared” of old people and yelling about food and whose mother was totally checked out?

Yeah, not nice.  Taking the phlebotomist’s comment as my opening, I turned to the mother and said “Actually, you know what?  I’m fasting and will be for the next two hours, so really, please, STOP”.

Some time later, well after this child nearly beat the phlebotomist to a pulp during her stick and had left (I noticed, without a piece of candy) another mother/child duo entered.  This child looked a bit younger than the first.  And he was acting like a child – he came over and stuck his face in my husband’s space because he wanted to see the iPad.  He had to be told three times not to touch this or that.  And he cried when they stuck him, but he didn’t beat up the phlebotomist, he was curious and didn’t understand adult social boundaries 100%, but basically, he was just a kid. BUT, he didn’t set off my “obnoxious child” sirens like the other one did.  I’m thinking it was the “old people” comment that did it to me, and the fact that mom #1 hadn’t said one word to the kid about it, no matter how many times she repeated it.  The list of food and the merrily called out declarations of being scared about the test, well, I’m guessing that those wouldn’t have stuck out as being quite so horrible to me if not for the “old” thing.

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