It’s official

I pass out.  ;p

It did not take me long to pass out on the tilt table.  About 10 or 15 minutes at 60 (?) degrees upright.  The young man was very good about bringing me out of it – got me head down and cooled off fast (I always get super hot as I’m going out).

I want my data.  My husband is a data freak and loves time series stuff.  I asked the kid (and I do mean kid!  he was so young) what kind of analyses they do – variability and curve fitting it seems.  “What?  No entropy measures?!” my husband practically yelled as we careened into the B.A.T.H. cafe for my much needed post-tilt coffee.

That’s right.  My fella wants to single handedly reform how doctory types look at and use physiological data.  I’ve offered him a guest blog post on the topic, along with “how electronic medical records should work”.

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