Huge thank you to the Not Dead Dinosaur for Advice For the New Patient.  All my meds, in their bottles?  Really?  Ok, what the hell.  I’ve seen this listed and assumed it was for people who couldn’t write out amytripta, amitryptil, oh hell, how ’bout I just put the bottles in the big ziplock bag now?

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  1. notdeaddinosaur

     /  June 9, 2010

    You read that right: all your meds in their original bottles. It’s called a brown bag review — and I like to tease people because they almost always bring in the stuff a white plastic grocery bag. I playfully shake my head at their inability to follow simple directions; until one patients specifically used one of Bloomingdale’s “Brown Bags”.

    You’d be surprised at how often I find duplicate meds, interacting drugs, different doses from what the patient writes down on their list, etc. It also tells me which doctors you’re seeing and, more practically, where you stand on refills. More information with less effort on your part.

    Thanks for the linky love, too.

  2. Awesome! I enjoyed Doc Dino’s post, too. Awesome find and thanks for sharing it.

    Best wishes for your appt tomorrow, Dyspt! Update us when you can.
    And, thanks for the abbreviation info. PVC sounds horrid.

    • Thanks Queen. I will. And PVC wasn’t that bad – disconcerting until you know what it is. Had a great doc that night, she was really excellent.


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