You can do it!

I find that I have taken to coaching my intestine.  Only when I’m at home.  Like today.  It’s a vacation day….much needed after a busy early May at work.  And I want to go out and do stuff.  It’s gorgeous.  Sunny, high of 70.  But my intestine, which was oh so very forthcoming earlier this week, has decided to dig in its heels (there’s an interesting metaphorical image) and be recalcitrant.  I’ll get out and then it’ll decide to wake up and start it’s daily work out – something like the Rocky training montage except it involves me running to the bathroom every 10 minutes for about 1.5 hours.  For now, it’s basically sulking, lolling about like a sleepy, cranky toddler.

I have an appointment with my GI doc next week.  This is the big “will you or won’t you” talk.  As in “Will you do the capsule endoscopy you said you’d do in the Fall or won’t you?”  Her nurse told me that she’d rather do another colonoscopy (she didn’t do the first one, someone else did but it was fine) because she can biopsy in a colonoscopy.  I understand that.  But *no one* has taken a look in my small intestine.  So I deal with the diagnosis of exclusion (IBS) without having excluded a small bowel diagnosis.

This would be more acceptable except that (a) I’m still malnourished and the meds work for a while then seem to wear off.  We then increase the meds which works for a while, then wear off…etc.  and (b) she said she was interested in the pill camera study last Fall and even had me do a CT scan to make sure there were no strictures in advance of it.  There were none.  So….what I want to know from her is why did she put me through that much radiation and nauseating contrast (not to mention the expense) if only to decide 6 months later that no, we won’t do the capsule study.

Actually, although I do want to know that, I suspect framing it like that will just sour our relationship.  So I will probably ask what the risks vs. benefits of a traditional colonoscopy are compared to those of a capsule endoscopy.  And if she’s still reluctant to let go of the colonoscopy, I may go looking for a new GI doctor.  I’m pretty sure she could be convinced to go the capsule route, but if she agrees only to humor me and is still set against it, I think I should find someone else because I’d worry that she’d develop some kind of negative attitude towards me as a result of this wrangling.  And I have a low tolerance for the sorts of negative attitudes doctors get in situations like that.  I’m very sensitive to them (ok, I’m basically hypervigilant about it) and I have yet to find a good way to handle the bad feelings they elicit in me.

Let me say for the record that I don’t want to go to a new GI.  I’m already changing primaries and spent February and March looking for a gynecologist.  Going through the whole new doctor thing sucks.  However, I did do some research and there are two folks at one of the BATHs who specialize in diarrhea and GI/women’s health issues.  So there are some options perhaps.

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