Pt. 2 Uterus?

The continuing tale of coordinating my medical care wrt a gynecologist who doesn’t suck or freak me out.

I should backtrack a bit here.  In early March 2009, when I was still living in the NE outback, I started feeling as shitty as I felt when I had the acute Lyme infection in 2002 – 2003 (oh yeah, btw, I had lyme.  You should read the “About Me” page if you haven’t already).  I’ve not felt well since having Lyme, but I had not felt that bad that consistently and enduringly other than when I caught the flu in 2004.  After a few months of some spectacularly failed attempts to either work this up or at least address the symptoms with my last outback primary care and her wretched PA, I moved up here in July and had to start all over.

And I found that I was sick of starting over, sick of looking.  I was worried about work – about being sick at work, about missing work because I was sick, and also about missing work because I had medical appointments.  The only one I had any control over at all was the medical appointments.  And so that is the one I decided to say “fuck it” on.  I did pick a new primary, she isn’t great.  She, like everyone before her, ran a shitload of blood tests.  Actually, she only ran a subset of them, so a small shitload I suppose.  They came back (mostly) within normal limits except for showing some signs of malnutrition.  She burned out FAST – not with “get the hell out of my office you crazy lady” attitude.  She was more likely to say “oh I don’t know what else to do”, and then schedule a random x-ray or sign me up to have the wax violently blown out of my ears by some unfortunate medical assistant.  On follow up, I was suddenly cured of everything.  Or at least, this was how she acted.  When I mentioned something indicated that I wasn’t, she seemed to deflate in front of me.  Cue another round of pointless x-ray, cbc, and liver function tests.

In the meantime, since May of 2009, I had been recording my symptoms.  The symptoms had seemed to ebb and flow on a somewhat periodic basis.  In June, I added in a general rating of activity and stress (emotional) for the day.  Was it my period?  Nah.  But it was my post period.  \Turns out, no matter what else was up physically, emotionally, practically in my life, I felt MUCH worse post menstrually.  This was a little hard to tell at first because with the hormone releasing IUD (mirena) in place,  my periods were nearly non-existent.  I recorded and counted and it really did seem that although I sometimes had spikes of feeling like wrung out crap at different times of the month, those tended to go with higher activity/stress days.  What remained was the post menstrual crash.

The mirena stopped being so helpful.  In the Fall of 09, I started having neuro symptoms I tend to associate wtih migraines with very disruptive frequency.  I had been struggling with ovarian cysts since September 2007,  just three months after the mirena went in (which the mirena “info for providers”) lists as a possible side effect but which a new and god awful PA at the outback doc’s office said she’d never heard of.  Then I started having pain pain pain at all times of the month.  Pain sitting down, pain standing up, pain pooping, pain having sex.  And the bowel symptoms kicked up again bad in late August 2009.  I lost weight.  I would have stuck out the ovarian cysts but not all of this.  Vertigo and general dysequilibrium became a very common part of my post menstrual crash.

I decied.  Time to go.  Take the mirena out.  Get a hysterectomy, maybe leave an ovary and if the endo symptoms persist, we can just nip in and take that little fucker out too.

I thought this was a good plan.  The first GYN I saw (Feb 2010) did too.  Except she was awful.

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