Pt. 1 Uterus?

They don’t even know us!

(somewhat continued from Gynecological diagnosis III)

I mentioned before that I’m having a hysterectomy for the endo and adenomyosis.  It was a long walk to get there, and I’m not even quite there yet but as a destination, it’s been added to my itinerary, so to speak.

I had a very good doctor that I saw for gynecological problems where I used to live, down in the New England outback.  There were only a few things good about living down there:   the GYN, the dentist, and the vet were among them.  Since moving in July 2009, I miss them all.

The GYN I first had in the New England outback was not good (2002).  A general service OB/GYN, meaning more OB than GYN.  She did my first laparoscopy and left some endo sites because she didn’t feel comfortable removing them.  Eh, what are you gonna do?  I guess I prefer that to her screwing up my ureter.  But what I’d have really preferred was a good gynecologist for that surgery because I came away from it knowing that it was likely I’d need another operation.

When the OB/GYN left her practice (there was a lot of that in the New England outback), my options were to see a rather far away baby doctor who my leaving OB/GYN had transfered her patients to or to find one on my own.  I opted for the latter.  I asked around, did some research, and found a guy who had become an endo specialist by way of infertility.  Not to say we didn’t have disagreements or some treatments that sucked.  He was far away too.  But he was a good doctor and a decent guy.  With the exception of his receptionist, his staff were superb.  I loved the NP and miss the hell out of her.

In July of 2009, I moved up here to a bustling New England hub for a job.  I needed to find a new GYN.  Shouldn’t be a problem, right?  I mean, you can’t throw a stick up here without hitting whole diverse populations of doctors – veteran practitioners, specialty clinics, fresh faced newbies just done with fellowships and whatnot.  But it turns out looking was much more difficult this past year.  Aside from the issue of a larger search space,  I don’t have my network of endo folks up here – some of my friends in grad school had significant gynecological problems and were unbelievably helpful in my search in the outback.  But up here I don’t know too many people really well anymore.  I asked some old friends who grew up in this city for their recommendations.  Most were healthy enough to simply suggest Dr. So and So, “a very nice gynecologist who delivered all my babies”.  The few who had gynecological complaints all insisted pretty much anyone at this one Big Ass Teaching Hospital would be excellent.  That’s where all of them had surgery.

It probably didn’t help my search abilities that I was working full time at a brand new job, i.e., I had less time to sit at the computer researching this stuff.  And finally, I have a more restrictive plan now – I need a referal for any damned thing.  So I was receptive when in August 09, my then new (soon to be former) primary care suggested a practice in her group.  I looked them all up to see who was the least baby-doctor-ish and found one.  Minimally invasive surgery, good.  Affiliated with two good hospitals, one of which was the BATH my friends had suggested.  Also good.  I noted her name and then I put it off  because by October, I was in a “no more doctors!” mood and the GYN stuff was not at its worst.

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