No scopy for me today. Nasty little sinus/ear infection thing got in the way. On the plus side, at least I spiked a temp before I started the prep. On the down side, trying to get a straight answer out of my doctor’s office on whether or not they’d go forward with the procedure if I had a temp today was like herding cats. “Anesthesia might not want to do it…” was the best I could get out of them. Oh that and “Call your PCP”. My PCP was not impressed with the turf – the nurse practitioner very strongly felt whether or not I should proceed even with a temp wasn’t her call to make. And I can’t say that I blame her.

Ultimately, I decided that if there was a good chance the anesthesiologist was going to tell me to take a hike and that I would have gone through the pain in the ass (ha, get it) of a full prep for nothing, I was going to bag it.

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