Lyme-tube 1

I’ve been hoping to make a Lyme public service announcement for the radio, oh for a while now. If you have chronic health problems, you know what it’s like to find time for these “extra” things. Anyhow, I am determined to do it this year, mostly because I still run into people in my area who do not know even the basics about Lyme disease. Where I live is an extremely high Lyme disease area. I just went to a work party-thing where the host chided me and another guest for not wanting to sit outside. Three days later, we found out the host had been bitten by a tick. How’s your poetic justice? The guest who had taken the warnings of Lyme seriously has since dubbed such events “tick-nics”. An apt name for any outdoor event here in Lyme-ville CT.

I’m hoping my host doesn’t catch Lyme from this bite – although the tick was on for a while and as I said, the area has a very high rate of Lyme disease infection.

Don’t find out about Lyme after you get bit. Some people are diagnosed quickly and treated effectively, and they are fortunate enough to be cured. I know a few of them. But there are people whose symptoms fail to respond to treatment. I’m one of them.

Here are some folks who posted their Lyme stories on Youtube.


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