crazy pills?

I was talking with a graduate student in my program today and medical stuff came up. She’s had a run of bad health in the last few years – being diagnosed as needing heart surgery and then had acute and quite bad GI episode (likely due to or exacerbated by a series of intestine slowing drugs a presumably well intentioned but apparently moronic provider put her on). She’s finally coming through the worst of it, got herself a good set of doctors, but is now dealing with the aftermath. Good lord do I know about aftermath. And the “waiting for the other shoe” feeling that’s always lurking.

As we were talking, she mentioned that she’s found it unbelievably difficult to find a good doctor here in our state. Here I thought it was just me. I had chalked my impressions about the current state I live in and the difficulty to find providers who were not jerks from the word “go” or marginally competent up to various subjective experience – such as my having been married to a doctor, the daughter (and niece, and granddaughter) of a nurse, or being a hospital staff member (and thus able to get the low down on a variety of doctors and practices). But here it seems my impression is shared by someone who has no such history, other than her also having lived in a state other than this one.

So let me just say, for the record, I’m not on crazy pills. Connecticut sucks for doctors and I can’t wait to MOVE out of this miserable state. I guess if I had to put my finger on a probable reason, I’d say it’s something like a population, community, and government overrun with rich, socially apathetic people do not attract good residents, be they medical or otherwise.

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