the WTF files

From a local paper this week:
School administrators locked down two schools Thursday afternoon as five middle school students were rushed to hospitals after swallowing various pills. A sixth student didn’t require hospitalization.

The students showed up in the nurse’s office after lunch complaining of feeling sick after they took over-the-counter and prescription medication, Police Chief Mark Palmer said.

Officials say the pills likely came from students’ homes, and six students took about six pills. None lost consciousness, police said.

The pills were aspirin; Naproxin [sic], an anti-inflammatory; Xenical, a diet pill; and tetracycline, an antibiotic.

Aside from seeing the obvious reminder for parents to keep their pills out of reach of children (and that may mean locking the pills up), and feeling a bit of relief that the kids didn’t get into something like dad’s valium or mom’s zoloft, this story leaves me wondering….
What on earth were the little tykes hoping to accomplish with this particular cocktail? Were they looking for that elusive but excellent tetracycline high?

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