Required reading

I just found a great site, linked in Dinosaur’s blog. It’s called “Multiple Sclerosis Sucks”. The writing is honest, informative, and entertaining. I liked the pages How a Scientist Thinks, Statistics, and You Be the Research Scientist so much that I may suggest them for my upcoming research method course.

On this site, you can find affirmations of the following sort:
When life gives you lemons, find somebody you despise and squirt them in the eye.

As if this weren’t enough to endear the author to me for his ability to pull together exactly the right words, I soon found a page called The Semiotics of Chronic Illness. Here’s how it starts.
Semiotics is a subdiscipline of linguistics devoted to the study of how we communicate both verbally and nonverbally using signs and symbols. Being chronically ill is something you can choose not to talk about, but even if you don’t talk about it you will inevitably end up revealing your chronic illness through body language, gesture, and facial expression. You’re going to constantly be sending out signals whether you want to or not.

Go check it out and enjoy.

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