According to my GYN, the ultrasound was read wrong. Or done wrong. Turns out it wasn’t Medea after all. It turns out this cyst is on my right ovary. And so I need a new name – Large Marge.

Marge is big and the whole thing is displaced, now sitting behind my uterus (which is, on account of it being tipped backwards, sitting on top of my bowel). I can’t imagine there’s much room back there. Poor gals. They’re all crammed in like sardines in a can, like clowns in a car, like adjunct faculty in a storage closet turned office.

We’ll look at it in one month, says my GYN, and at that time we can decide what to do. “In that case,” I told him “I’ll save my barrage of ‘why do I keep getting these friggin cysts?’ questions for then.”

What’s the lesson from this? BYO Films and not just the report. I think I knew this already, but as with so many other lessons in life, I have a less than steep learning curve.

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