A timely article

Since I was just writing about compliance (to medication regimen), Medea, and Large Marge, this seems to be an appropriate reading for the day. I’m supposed to be writing a lecture on hypothesis development and testing, but ow.

And my attention is less than razor sharply focused.

I’ve gotta say, after looking over the abstract, I find myself quite curious about the “pictorial blood loss chart” used in this study.

Also, I can’t help wondering – where’s the imaging man? Here I am looking at stuff on muh-muh-muh-My Mirena (see, it’s not just the Macarena it fits with – it’s a quite musically handy word) and finding a long term study on side effects of the blasted thing and it seems they didn’t collect data on ovarian cyst formation in women using The Device.

Can I get a hearty wtf?

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