What I need

I never, ever imagined there would be a point in my life where I’d be wishing for hemorrhoids…

I got a call from the GI doctor’s office with my results of the various scans – probably Medea and not much else is my guess. The call came right in the middle of the second two hour lecture I was giving today, which ended at about five PM. Yes. Of course. Hey, at least it wasn’t Friday.

I realized while I was thinking about the above and my health in general this evening that what I think I need most right now is this…

…because you can never have too much “Box of Kittens”

Update: Medea has been declared a 4.8 cm simple functional cyst who needs attention in the form of more pictures in something like 6 to 8 weeks. I can’t help wondering if my mirena should be implicated as a suspect in Medea’s recent waxing.

Also, now that I’ve written the phrase “my mirena” I have the Macarena song in my head… “Aaay, my Mirena! Yikes!”

While I’m on the topic of a medical remix of the Macarena, do you think the scrubs the guy’s wearing in this macarena tutorial are a fashion statement or an indication of his profession? The digs, foolishness, and time for the recording certainly help make the case for 3rd year med student.

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