ready for her close up

Medea just can’t get enough camera time it seems. There she was, a big round dark blob on the ultrasound image, now essentially the entire ovary which is a bit of a new look for her. She needs to go on a diet.

I’ll wait for the report before jumping to any conclusions about the ovary to Medea ratio. From what I understand, round, dark, and regular is good – well good as these things go. I’m having this all faxed to the GYN and I’m seeing him in two weeks so we can talk about Medea and her recent enlargement then.

I gotta say, the folks at the imaging facility I went to for the CT scan and ultrasound were really nice. Aggressive prep aside, they were genuinely pleasant and human. Always a good thing.

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  1. It’s always nice to be treated nicely when your going in for a procedure.Hope Medea starts shrinking in fear of what you can do to her. . .

  2. Yeah, the folks who were there the day I had the CT scan were pretty nice too. Different staff even, so it’s not just one or two nice people. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that Medea will wane.


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