My boyfriend’s mother is pushing pills at me. Not “drugs”. Just natural, herbal goodness in pill form.

Rather than believe that her own immune system is responsible for the pain and other symptoms she sometimes experiences, she has decided hormones are the culprit. The idea of an autoimmune disease conflicts with elements of a deeply held world view – this is relevant for her by way of contradicting a diagnosis which was made by her doctor and confirmed by a specialist. But the body couldn’t be made to hurt itself like that, she believes.

And so – since I have pains, fevers, rashes, and fatigue; since I’ve mentioned a grandmother with mixed connective tissue disease; since she knows my former primary care was considering an autoimmune diagnosis for me – she has taken to pushing hormone imbalance theories at me and pushing “balancing” pills, teas, and tinctures as the panacea.

I’m not dead set against alternative therapies. However, I am easily rankled by what appears to be a theory based in fallacy and belief which is used to inform not simply self perception and personal choice but imposition on others.

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