It’s a match!

I just got back from my appointment with the potential new PCP. I think I found a match. Her office staff are friendly and efficient. And I liked her a lot. Very down to earth, and we just talked today. She told me about herself and stuff like who covers for her and when, how long I can expect to wait should I need to see someone urgently, what hospitals she is affiliated with, her policy on referals (“I might have someone I’d recommend but if you have a preference for someone else, that’s fine too. I’ll work with pretty much anyone”).

We talked about Lyme disease and where she comes down on the “controversy” – nicely her view seems compatible with my own.

We talked about why I fired my last GI doctor(s) and she agreed that it is reasonable to expect a doctor to treat the whole patient rather than a single organ of the patient. She also said she could recommend a new GI doctor if I didn’t have anyone in mind.

Some of the other doctors I see (ortho and GYN) came up. Both were people she had heard of and respected a good deal. Apparently my GYN is “famous”, didn’t know that. I knew he was good mind you, but not famous. So yay for me for researching him. It’s sort of validating to have a doctor tell you that the people you chose to see for your health care are the people who are the most highly recommended in the area.

And she was just, well, cool. I like her demeanor. I told her that I used to have no problem with health care providers but since the Lyme I’ve developed a sort of low level distrust which rears up now and then, and that when I’m stressed I tend to get angry. We talked about this a little, I explained I see a psychologist for it, and she also recommended a book if I was interested.

We left it at I’ll call and send over my record if I chose her to be my new primary. I’m pretty sure I will.

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